The Finest Things to do in Beijing


Being the capital of China for about 800 years, Beijing has developed itself to be one of the finest tourist destinations of Asia. From the business activities, finest sites and delicious cuisines, it is a traveler’s dream. It doesn’t stop there; the hotels in Beijing provide optimum level of comfort and luxury.

Learn some of the best things to do in Beijing.


  1. Forbidden city

Serving the royal dynasties of Ming and Qing, it has a spectacular layout that stands out for being so well preserved till date. Once upon a long time, it was impossible to enter in without the emperor’s permission, and that is how the name derived. Today, it serves as one of the greatest museum of this world. The design of the structure has been well thought out. Since yellow is the color of the Emperor, the roofs are covered with yellow tiles all over.

  1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall has a long, long history and it still stands out today. Stretching to 4000 miles, it is the longest wall in this world and is also rewarded for being the greatest man-made structure ever made. Tourists often visit the wall and hike certain sections of it, some even camp overnight. If you plan to stay the night there, it is best to get yourself a guided tour which would provide food, transportation and other important facilities. The Great Wall provides picturesque views of the rest of the city.

  1. Discover the traditional Beijing life

Whether you opt for renting a bicycle for yourself, or opt for a tour with the trishaw drivers, losing yourself in the hutongs is a must whilst you are in Beijing.  Once being the masters of the city, they’ve been sideline due to the modernization in China. However, flowing through the narrow alleys and traditional houses, you’ll see the primitive Beijing life coming alive. Getting to know a hutong dwelling family is an amazing experience in itself.

  1. Witnessing the Beijing Opera

Watching the Beijing Opera is an experience you must not miss if you plan to visit the unique capital. A delightful combination of dance, acting and singing, the actors put up mind blowing show representing different characters and stories. Most of them are fairy tale based and lessons from different dynasties in the history of China. Beijing Opera has a significant impact on the culture of the country. The unique face masks and costumes bring life to the Opera.

  1. Treat your stomach well!

That can be done in the best way by tasting the delicious Beijing roast duck. Standing out for being one of the most popular of the Chinese cuisines, it’s only in China where you’ll find it being served in the most authentic way! Crispy skin and the right proportions of meat, your taste buds will crave this for a lifetime.

Discover the beautiful capital of China by experiencing the best things to do in Beijing.


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