All that You Need to Know about Accommodations in Ooty


Are you all set to embark upon a refreshing and recreational holiday in Ooty? Well, Ooty is always a good idea to break free from the monotonous life we all are leading nowadays. Being the Queen of the Hills, Ooty is a mainstream destination, favoured among vacationers consistently. Furthermore, apart from being a trove of alternatives for tourists to go sightseeing or enjoy some adventurous time, the choices for accommodation are as well, in abundance in Ooty.

Choose the amazing Ooty tour packages, or simply book a hotel or room, it entirely depends on your taste, budget and the type of holiday you are looking forward to, that would decide the type of accommodation you’d like to opt for while in Ooty. Here’s a guide to the same.



A resort has something distinct from the ordinary lodgings you visit amid your treks to different spots. Do you agree to this as well? Ooty offers you a plethora of alternatives to browse from while picking the resort you would like to laze around during your holiday. For instance, a family stay will end up being the most pleasurable at an approximate cost of INR 2500 at Fairstay Resorts. Another place that you can try is the Sagar Holiday Resorts, located on an enthralling location of a hill slope. What’s more, there are numerous more options to settle in while in Ooty.


If extravagance and a luxurious stay are what you are seeking for, then Ooty is a spot that offers its vacationers a considerable measure of numerous alternatives to browse. Try the sassy Zest Danish Villa whose Kerala spa and the karaoke sessions will charm you entirely. The beginning expense of INR 4700 again is something worth what it gives. In addition, there is the illustrious Club Mahindra, whose spa will certainly inspire you, and that too at a beginning cost of INR 4700.

Budget Hotels

If you are not exceptionally keen on benefiting the best of extravagances, can trade off with limited facilities, and rather spend that cash on touring, then these budget inns in Ooty are what you ought to consider next. Revive in the joys of nature at the Mayura Sudarshan Inn in its stunning greenhouse claimed by Karnataka Horticulture Department. The cost for a day is just INR 1000. Likewise, take a gander at Orchid Inn, Hotel Darshan, Hotel Khems, etc.

Mid-Budget Hotels

Mid-budget inns are accessible at less expensive costs contrasted with extravagance ones, however they offer marginally lesser facilities and quality. Yet, they are generally tasteful, in context of the views from the rooms and food. You can try the Hotel Preethi Classic Towers, which gives you the joy of going around the popular visitor locales of Ooty within minutes.


In the event that it’s homestays you are searching for, then Ooty will satiate this need of yours as well. Do virtually tour the Wallwood Garden Homestay, an astonishing Victorian cabin, well known for its heavenly Continental cooking styles and incite hospitality.

So, do not fret to tour Ooty if you do not get a hotel of your choice, for there are ample alternatives for the same. So relax, sit back, and book the best accommodation according to your need, and budget while in Ooty. What else, go ahead and enjoy the pearls rolled forth to the public by Ooty Tourism. Have an amazing trip!


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