Explore Temples, Marina Beach and Film Industry in Chennai


Chennai is a cosmopolitan city and its social and cultural fabric is something to see in person. It is a vibrant city with the world’s largest urban beach, Marina. It is also a spiritual city. Read on to know more.

Today, Chennai is a flourishing center point of commerce, innovation and businesses. The city is also home to the second largest film industry after Mumbai. Other than Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films are produced in Chennai. Actors and artists can be seen frequenting on Mumbai to Chennai flights often. Chennai airport is a busy one as it connects to all the major cities. Chennai has a busy rail network too. From Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam to combination of dances, Chennai offers a ton with regards to performing arts, craftsmanship and society. Incredibly famous performers like A R Rahman and Sivamani hail from this city. A R Rahman is, in fact, called the Mozart of Madras. The city has huge base of carnatic music fans as many shows are held over the city amid the Tamil month of Margazhi. In spite of being prevalently Hindu, the city is blessed with Christians as well. St. Thomas the Apostle accomplished affliction in the city. St. Thomas was at first covered in Mylapore. In spite of the fact that a large portion of the relics were moved to Italy, some are still there at the Santhome Basilica at Mylapore.

Chennai serves as the door to different spots in south India such as Pondicherry, Bangalore, Tirupati, Mahabalipuram, Madurai, Thanjavur, etc. The thing that strikes you just after landing at Chennai is the aroma of jasmine. The overwhelming warm night air is carefully perfumed with the scent. In Tamil Nadu, there is a big flower industry. It is developed on a gigantic scale and its scent penetrates day by day life. In spite of the fact that it is the fourth biggest city in the nation and a vital community for industry and film, Chennai is a place of imperceptible charms. Its allure can not be articulated in words, you need to come here and feel it as opposed to simply seeing it. Tied down in an antiquated society of religious fiber established by the Dravidian, this spot has dependably felt more Indian than other places of India. The spiritual devotion is unmistakable basically all over the place in the city. It is Chennai’s acquired fabric. Everything here appears to be associated with all the Hindu divinity and symbols petitioned in southern India.

Stroll down the Chamiers Road to the Ganesha Temple. Past a red-and-white-striped passageway is a Ganesha idol enhanced with a bit of gold fabric around his neck, a hibiscus between his feet, incense blazing around him. Go to the Kapaleeswarar Temple at sunset. You would not find any rush amongst the enthusiasts. It appears like a position of amicability. Chennai is a major city, dynamic and wonderful. Lavish hotels are situated around the well known Marina Beach, the second longest urban shoreline on the planet. From the beach, you can see the whole dimension of the city life here. You would see kids playing cricket, anglers getting their catch, merchants offering snacks, individuals flying kites, elderly taking walks, and so on. Chennai has the power to fascinate you.


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