Mumbai – The Exultant City With Various Defining Characters


What makes Mumbai so intriguing? The diversity of people? The film industry? The night life? The street food? The fast paced life following the latest trends? Well to really find out you need to venture your way to the city. Everyone has their own perception on what Mumbai is all about after their visit or stay in this magnificent city.

Mumbai is a city many people are scared to tread upon for the long run. This city is harsh and lives by the approach of the survival of the fittest. People are knocked down off their perch and expectations are crumbed and dreams broken and end up hardly being able to make end’s meet. Luckily for the travellers, that is not the side of Mumbai that should concern you. You are here to witness the bright lights of Mumbai and not lead down the dark alley.

Mumbai has been given more names than a gangster from the hood that no amount of  nicknames can pinpoint the exact definition of this flamboyant city. A city bustling and always on the move, the hotels in Mumbai are always filled with tourists and visitors. Everyone here to get a taste of the much talked about city and even though volumes have been spoken about this place, it never ceases to end.


Mumbai cannot be described in a sentence or statement. Everyone has their own take on what Mumbai means to them of what they see it as. For some it may resonate the feeling of home, being born and bred in the city, they can have an emotional and sentimental attachment to the city. Some may like the flamboyant and trendy lifestyle and competing with the latest trends The fast paced life of Mumbai where trends last for a while and vanish while some may love it for the incredible night life experience and some for the delectable memorable street food and street shopping. Unlike other cities, where the whole trip is planned out with tour guides and visiting the places of interest and eating and hanging out at the places recommended and head home, Mumbai is too vast for anyone. There is something in every part of the city and the things you end up doing are mostly spontaneous. And for each of these groups of people, everyone will take a different thought of the experience of Mumbai home. While the majority of the mass who have been there love the place, there are also quite a few who do not have a very experience in this city.

Transportation is the least of your worries in Mumbai. Traffic is a bigger worry. There are no dearth of public or private modes of transport all across the city at literally any time of the day and night. Trains are connected to all major cities and luxury sleeper and semi-sleeper buses going back and forth to all neighbouring cities on a regular basis. The city has one of the biggest and busiest international airports in India. Lately, online bus, train and Flight booking is growing to become the main means of getting booking a ticket. Not only does it make the process more time and cost efficient, it also relieves you of the stress and helps you conveniently book your ticket in the comforts of your home.


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