Tremendous Tokyo


Japan is adored for several reasons by travelers; the hustle and bustle of the modern city, the fusion of oriental culture, the diversity of climate and the list goes on! But there is still somewhere everyone has to be- Tokyo! The ticket prices, especially the business class airfares to Tokyo may be very high, but you can book with the Corporate Express Travel to get hold of the best travel deals available.The city of vibrancy and high-spirited people will leave you in awe for years to come.

So what should you do whilst you are there? Tough choice! Let’s take a look at the finest things to do in Tokyo.

  1. A trip to Tsukiji Market

Located in the heart of the city, you’ll feel the aroma from afar. The perfect place to be for fish lovers around the globe, you wouldn’t have witnessed anything of this sort before. The wholesale markets sells a variety of other items apart from fish. Although the normal hours operate, you’ll have to arrive before 5 a.m. to make yourself part of an amazing auction. Visitors, there are strict rules for you so you better watch out!

  1. Sights that must be seen..

Tourists often have to find themselves limiting their choices when it comes to sightseeing- Tokyo leaves you with countless choices! Standing at a height of 634m, the sky rising tower is a wonderful wonder of Tokyo. To avoid the crowd, it is best to be there on a weekday. The Imperial Palace is the home to Japan’s Imperial family. No wonder, it is the pinnacle of perfection! The palace and its gardens are picturesque and are a treat to the photographers. And then there are the Tokyo Dome City, Odaiba, Senso-ji and a lot more!

  1. Ginza!

Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton lovers, where would you head to? You heard that right, Ginza! The paradise of shopaholics, Ginza offers the best of all the brands. You will find yourself overwhelmed by the choice of shopping options and restaurants in there, that too without having to worry about any traffic blocks! What more could you ask for shopaholics?

  1. Sumo

Planning a trip to the local cinema? Drop it, opt for Sumo instead! The finest of act brought together by the fusion of tradition, religion and national sport. Visitors can be part of this nail biting event by purchasing tickets to the Sumo tournament. Spectators leave in awe since they have visited nothing of the kind before!

  1. JapaneseCuisine

Many of us live to eat! Ever had your vacation ruined when you can’t satisfy your taste buds? That can’t ever happen while you’re in Tokyo! From street food to fine dining, you’ll always be craving to try everything out! Sushi lovers, you don’t have to go to any restaurant in particular. The authentic sushi you’ll taste in Tokyo will melt your heart away! But it doesn’t stop here, Tonkatsu, Udon, Tempura and Ramen are the must haves in Tokyo.


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