Great Cold Weather Travel Destinations

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Although many people look to vacation in tropical climates and warm weather, there are many wonderful cold weather vacation destinations where you can enjoy skiing, ice skating and other winter activities. Taking a private flight can allow you to spend your travel time with your family, instead of flying the plane and worrying over details like jet insurance. A private flight can also be a luxurious experience that can add to your vacation excitement.

The Berkshires in Massachusetts

The Berkshires in Massachusetts offer plenty of places to ski, snowboard, or just sled with the kids. The scene is made romantic and cozy with red barns and small neighborly towns. There are some outstanding inns, or you can really go the down-home route and book a few days at a comfortable bed and breakfast. Winter is truly when New England at its best.

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Davos, Switzerland

As the highest point in Europe, Davos, Switzerland is the perfect place for enthusiastic skiers. The area gets about 539 inches of snow every year, so it is a haven for winter sport lovers. There are several grand resorts that can set your family up with an ultimate vacation package. Not much can compare to sipping hot chocolate in front of a fireplace and staring out at the Swiss Alps  surrounded by your family and loved ones.

 Yokote Kamakura, Akita Prefecture, Japan

In Akita, the locals erect kamakura, which are hollowed out domes made of snow. Inside the kamakura, the locals pray to the god of water for happiness and abundance for the family. Families welcome people walking by to enter their kamakuras and enjoy local delicacies and share stories. This heartwarming experience could be a fun and unexpected deviation from your traditional, localized family vacations.

The Rockies in Aspen, Colorado

No winter destination list would be complete without Aspen, Colorado on it. Aspen is picturesque during the winter, a snowy paradise replete with top resorts, incredible high-end shopping, and amazing festivals. Of course, skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports are what a vacation in Aspen is all about. It’s quite easy to find that perfect winter wonderland vacation package in Aspen, suitable to all your family’s needs. Since Aspen has become a popular destination for celebrities, you may even see some famous faces along the way.


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