A romantic escape does not mean long walks on white sandy beach, luxurious accommodation and candlelit dinners. A romantic escape is a place that can rekindle the love within you and your special one. Kerala is an overall romantic escape place. But, there are a few destinations in Kerala that would give you the best romantic experience and would be the best honeymoon destination for all kinds of lovebirds.

The Chembra peak in Wayanad

Chembra Peak is an important honeymoon destination. It is the highest peak in this locality. It has a heart shaped lake which is always filled with chilled water. You need to trek through a kilometre of dense forest that is rich in flora and mist covered grass carpet. The lake would be covered with snow and is the best place for first time honeymooners as you need to walk a little longer to enjoy this little lake.

Kumarakom houseboat

Backwaters are the top romantic elements in this state. The best of all backwaters is Kumarakom. Book a houseboat cruise in this backwater and enjoy the nature with your special one. The lush and cool coconut trees would serve as an umbrella for your houseboat. If you are looking for a winter honeymoon, this is the right destination for you.

Tree house in Athirappilly waterfalls

Athirappilly is a wonderful waterfall amidst a dense forest. You can have high level privacy here. Do you want a fairy tale styled honeymoon? Book a tree house overlooking that fall. During sunset, you can witness the sun falling behind the mountains and moonlight glittering on the waterfalls. You can swim in the pool and have an exclusive time in the warm tree house with your special one.

Traditional Marari cottage

Marari is a place where you can find traditional cottages with bluish swimming pool. You can start your day with a beach walk, private time in your cottage, bright son and a delicious local food. The climate does the magic here. The shady coconut trees and chill breeze would seclude your honeymoon to another level. If you are looking for a seasoned honeymoon, cottage is a must.

Vagamon Meadows

It is just a meadow. There would be nothing there except velvet grass carpet and background of misty and shady mountains. If you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Vagamon, you ought to escape to this meadow in sunset. There are a lot of hills there where you can enjoy some private time with your love. This is a picturesque place which enchants you within a few seconds.

Poovar’s floating cottage

Cottage with right climate would be a prime honeymoon destination. How about a cottage floating on a backwater? Poovar Beach is a wonderful attraction with water, coconut tree, enchanting sunset and magical environment. The lake, sea and backwaters are a combined magic that would mesmerize you and your special one. Those who want a water honeymoon should not miss this paradise.

These are the top destinations for honeymoon in Kerala. Other destinations are Kundalam Dam, Kovalam beach, tea gardens, Bekal, Thekkaday and Varkala Beach. No matter what type of honeymoon you want to enjoy and when you want to visit; Kerala is the best place and the most romantic place you can find in India.


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