Places to visit in Jharkhand!


Jharkhand is known for its forests. The state is a heaven for those who love nature. This magnificent and beautiful state is filled with hills, serene waterfalls, lush greenery and a colourful culture. If you want to spend a weekend enjoying the true beauty of nature then you should visit Jharkhand. While you are at Jharkhand, do not forget to visit these cities…

  • Ranchi: – Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand and is well-known for the waterfalls. Ranchi is truly blessed with nature’s gift and will captivate your soul. The city not only has waterfalls but is rich in natural resources. While you are at Ranchi, do not forget to see some waterfalls like, Dassam falls, Jonha falls, Dassam falls and Panch Gagh falls.
  • Jamshedpur: – Jamshedpur is the household to Tata Steel, which is the 1st private steel and iron group in the entire country. There are many large and small scale industries flourishing in this city. But the city still maintains its natural beauty and rich greenery. Head over to the Dalma Hills, Jubilee Park and Lake, Dimna Lake, Russi Modi Centre of Excellence, Tata Steel Zoological Park, Dalma Sanctuary while you are in Jamshedpur.
  • Deoghar: – The city of Deoghar is known as the city with olden temples. It is a renowned pilgrim location for all Hindus. The town has an ancient feel to it and if you want to go on a spiritual trip, then you can go to Deoghar. There are several beautiful temples all around the city.
  • Hazaribagh: – The city is filled with startling flora and captivating fauna. Hazaribagh means 1000 gardens and Harzibagh surely lives up to the name. The city is situated around 2018 feet above the sea. Do not miss out on visiting the Hazaribagh Lake, Harzaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Canary Hills, Konar Dam and few other tourist attractions.
  • Dhanbad: – The coal hub of India is ranked as one of the quickest developing cities in the world. The history is this city remains an unknown but the latest developments are no secret. The city possesses the richest coal mine fields.
  • Giridih: -Branded as the city of hills, Giridih also has a number of Jain pilgrims. The land is filled with rich mineral resources and has many forests too. Some of the attractions in this city are Parasnath Hill, Ursi Falls, Khandoli Park, Devari Temple, Baidadih, Jain Museum and Jharkhandi Dham.
  • Palamu: – This city has a very rich past going by the legends. Palamu too has a number of waterfalls to visit along with national parks and wildlife sanctuary. Also, if you love greenery and nature then you should visit the Palamu forest. You should visit the River Koel, Lodh Falls and Palamu Fort while exploring the city.

Jharkhand till date has maintained its old world charm in the best way possible. So, book your train tickets along with food on train services and visit the beautiful state.

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