Is Upper Mustang Safe after Nepal Earthquake?


On April 25 2015, Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake. The earthquake triggered the avalanche in Mount Everest. Major tourist attraction including UNESCO world heritage site was destroyed. Things are getting under control and Nepal is facing the biggest challenge to recover from the catastrophic disaster. While most of the region of Nepal is still facing the recovery challenges, lot of major tourist destination wasn’t affected by earthquake at all. Upper Mustang was one of region which hasn’t affected by earthquake.

Upper Mustang is one of the major tourist destination in Nepal that has a beautiful landscape, vibrant rich culture, and wonderful local people. The tiji festival is one of the major attraction among tourist which is held every year in May 15. Most of the people remarked it as the land of culture “closest to Tibet”.

The Nepal’s earthquake didn’t had any effect in Upper Mustang region. Locals are living the normal life. All the monastery and houses and completely fine. If you are thinking to trek upper mustang it might be the right time for you, the government of Nepal is also providing huge discount on the permit free. You can now obtain 10 days permit for just $100 instead of $500.

Is_Upper_Mustang_Safe after Nepal earthquake

The tourist flow will be minimal compared to time before earthquake. Therefore, you can explore the place more wisely without being feel as a tourist. Upper mustang is perfect destination oldest Buddhists monasteries and historical caves. The lifestyle and culture of the people is close to the lifestyle of the people of Tibet.

If you are thinking of traveling to Nepal in 2015, Upper mustang might be the ideal destination for you. Due to the significant low permit fee and free from earthquake disaster zone, Upper mustang must be the best destination to trek.

The upper mustang can be done as the road trip or as a trek, it depends on the individual interest of the traveler. Both trekking and road trip can be equally adventurous. The marvelous journey to the elevation of 4,207m is remarkable .The off road track make your road trip journey outstanding. Only the off road vehicles will be suitable for Upper mustang. Upper mustang can be done in motor bike as well. In the monsoon season, it might be challenging due to the rise of water level in Kali Gandaki River, Due to the complex nature of landscape it is recommended to have a motor suitable for off road. Trekking can be equally fun exploring the gorgeous mountain and dessert walking slowly in your own peace is another life changing experience.

Upper mustang is a restricted area trek. Thus free individual traveler can’t travel their on their own, you must join the government authorized local agencies in order to trek upper mustang. Most of the company arrange a fix departure to upper mustang. To find the best affordable rate, it is advised to join the fixed departure group. It not only lower down your cost, but also makes your journey memorable.


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