Discovering Jewels with Srinagar Packages


Srinagar is the summer capital of Indian state Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated in the centre of the delightful Kashmir Valley, which is also referred as the paradise on earth. This place is famous for its lakes, gardens, houseboats, dried fruits and traditional Kashmiri handicrafts. Due to its scenic beauty, this place has emerged as an ideal tourist destination, frequented by travellers from all across the globe. Here are some of the jewels in this region that should not be missed in Srinagar tour packages.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake, the second largest in the state, is also named as the Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir. The fascinating scenery of this place featuring the snow-capped mountain peaks and tranquil waters, captivates the attention of globetrotters. Kayaking, waterskiing, angling, swimming, canoeing, water surfing, and shikara ride are some of the popular activities that tourists can enjoy here with Srinagar packages. Houseboat, the lake excursion transport here, is another must-experience while exploring this place. Tourists can also experience the unique floating market, where Kashmiri vegetable vendors assemble over respective boats. The golden sunrise and sunset from the banks is overwhelming enough. Hazratbal, the holiest shrine in the state, can be seen illuminated in the evening, and looks even more stunning on the evening of Eid-e-Milad. The main attractions of the region are the footbridges and small boats that link the shore and people residing in the interior of this lake.

Jama Masjid

Listed among the oldest mosques in Srinagar, Jama Masjid was built in 1674. With 370 pillars, four spires tower and prayer halls, this structure is a fine example of the Islamic style of architecture. It includes the splendid Indo-Saracenic architecture, lavish courtyard and wooden pillars. Another feature of this place is the serenity inside it, contrary to the hustle of the markets around it. Every pillar has been made from single pieces of deodar trunk. It is believed that this shrine was destroyed and restructured many times in the past. It is the largest mosque in the Kashmir valley, and is also known as the Friday Mosque. Owing to its religious significance, Jama Masjid makes for an important part of Srinagar tour packages.

Shankaracharya Temple

This small Shiva temple is situated at the top of the Shankaracharya hill, which is around 1100 feet high. It is also known as the Jyesteshwara Temple. This place offers tourists a breathtaking view of the snow-clad Pir Panjal Range and the dazzling Dal Lake. This is one of those ancient structures that tourists must visit with Srinagar holidays packages. Starting from the police checkpoint, tourists reach the ancient grey-stoned temple after stepping up the stairway. The sidewalls of this stairway used to bore valuable inscriptions once. The prime surviving shrine inside, consists of a circular cell providing a magnificent view of the valley below. The place is so calm, making it the apt spot for meditation.

These popular destinations must definitely be included in Srinagar tour packages while planning a holiday there.


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