Cycling Through Europe Is an Amazing Holiday

cycling through europe

Mass market holidays get boring. After you’ve eaten a few fattening meals and visited a few typical attractions, your mind starts to wander. A cycling holiday is a lot more exciting. You can take in the sights while staying healthy. Instead, of sitting around eating high-fat meals all day, you can get out and be super active. More and more people are choosing to go on cycling tours of Europe. They are combining a healthy lifestyle with the relaxed vibe of a holiday.

cycling through europe

Ready Made or Bespoke Holiday Solutions

You have your choice of packages or bespoke holidays. The best part is that there’s a holiday for everyone, regardless of what your current level of fitness is. If you’re just getting started, or haven’t cycled in a while, you’re going to want to start very slow. That’s no problem. There are even tours available that are right for children. The fun thing is that you can work your way up the ranks on a cycling holiday. Tours exist for beginners, intermediate cyclists, and advanced people too. You can bring your own equipment or hire it while you’re there. The choice is all yours. You can visit so many countries, the chances are you’ll never get bored. Your fitness levels will improve, and you’ll become an excellent cyclist because you’re doing so much of it. Cycling is one of those activities that you can do for the rest of your life and never truly master.

Stay Healthy on Your Holiday

People who are active do not enjoy holidays the way the average person does. It’s annoying to slow down on holiday when you’re used to getting physical exercise all the time. That’s not really relaxing! It’s more relaxing to maintain your current levels of performance while getting in on a lot of cycling. Plus you get to see countries you’ve never seen before in a way that most people will never get a chance to. You aren’t just driving through in your vehicle barely getting a glimpse of the beautiful countryside. Instead, you’ll experience the whole scene closer to the ground and at a comfortable pace. Fresh air and sunshine are always helpful. The benefits of cycling are well-known. Strong cardiovascular health and muscle development are common for those who bike. Strong legs and weight loss are also a common outcome of lots of cycling. You may even lose a few pounds on your holiday. How’s that for a change of pace compared to most vacations?

There Are No Limits to What You Can See

Cycling tours give you a chance to see the world in a way that’s much different from what you’re used to. Cycling takes the scenic route up and down winding hills. Businesses like Hooked on Cycling offer over a hundred different packages. You can find a ready-made or bespoke package that suits your lifestyle and level of cycling experience. Cycling trips are fun for the whole family or a group of like-minded friends. No matter who goes, you can find the best package that satisfies your desire. Europe is well-suited for cycling trips. There’s so much iconic countryside to see. Not only that, but cycling is a major passion in countries like France. They have been fans of cycling for a long time and will respect you on the road. Tours make sure you’re completely safe. You won’t cycle somewhere inappropriate. These tours are made by cyclists for cyclists. Cycling as an afterthought on a vacation is one thing. Going there specifically for cycling is another idea altogether. Your cycling is the centre of your whole holiday. That’s important, especially when you take your biking seriously.

Have the Time of Your Life

A cycling holiday puts the spotlight on cycling. This great activity becomes the centre of the whole trip. The physical exertion helps to make you calm and focused. Your blood circulation improves greatly. You push large amounts of air into your lungs. If you were cooped up in an office of indoors before the trip, you’d feel incredible. All that healthy activity boosts your mood and cuts your stress levels way down. Fitness can help you live longer, so getting more in when you can is helpful. Going on a cycling tour with a group of cyclists is great fun. They can help to motivate each other and give other tips that make them better cyclists. Groups also help people push themselves further than if they were trying to bike on their own. The group shares a common bond, which makes the holiday more enjoyable.

When you’re going on holiday, you have many options. You can travel to essentially every country on earth. Oddly enough, adding cycling as a focal point, does not limit your choices too much. Many countries are well-suited to cycling holidays. France, Croatia, Belgium, and Ireland are just a few of the countries you can travel to and have a lot of fun on your bike. Choosing a package is a good way to save money on your trip. Packages add together a few elements of a holiday with a discount. Tourism industries are getting behind cycling. There are many resorts and hotels to choose from. You will not give up anything on a bike holiday. You can still expect top accommodations to go along with the exploring on a bike. Just because you’re out cycling all day doesn’t mean you don’t want to relax or dip in the pool at night. You’re going to still want to experience all the elements of a remarkable trip. That’s exactly what you’ll get to do. You will not just bike and sleep on the ground! Bespoke solutions exist that allow you to customise every bit of your trip. You are likely to have an amazing time if you choose one of the tours. They offer unique experiences that include high-end villas and resorts. You get the best of both worlds, exercise and luxury. Cycling is fun and cycling holidays are memorable. You’ll cherish the memories you create forever. Have fun and be safe.


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