It’s Shopping Galore in Newcastle


A review of the three top shopping centres in Newcastle

The holiday season is upon us and that means that the shopping season has also taken off in full swing. Traveling and getting ready for present exchanges are getting more popular. Yet, even when the season is not upon us many people enjoy getting out and having a day of shopping. Newcastle offers a number of shopping locations.

How to get to Newcastle

The best way to get to Newcastle is by railway. The reason for this is that there are several different railways to the city and many are within walking distance of the shopping locations. Where you could travel upon A1, A19, and then connect to adjoining roads, during peak traffic times, especially during the holiday months, you could be spending a great deal of time on the road. By rail the ride averages an hour and a half from Leeds to Newcastle, 3 hours from London to Newcastle, and under an hour from York to Newcastle.

Those traveling by railway should check with the station for times. Seniors and disabled persons are encouraged to enquire about discounts and availability of those discounts. Those with railway cards may be able to acquire additional savings on their ticket.


Intu Manchester

The intu Manchester was opened in 1986 in the North East of England.  There are over 200 stores in the intu centre which gives the shopper plenty of choices of vendors. Where on the interior the building’s architecture is very modern and accents the modern culture including a food court area and a media centre, the exterior lends itself to a more classical almost amphitheatre design with large columns, granite, and marble.

Apart from the shopping, the intu Manchester also provides a number of community and social events throughout the year including the Elf Run, The big Birdhouse tour, as well as Freebie Friday.

High Bridge Quarter

If you want to get away from the interior shopping centre and do a bit of walking around, Newcastle offers a historical atmosphere in which to walk and shop at the High Bridge Quarter. High Bridge is named after the bridge which historically used to cover the Lort Burn Stream.

Unlike the interior shopping centre, the High Bridge runs along a cobbled street and each store is independent of the other. Granted, the stores do share structural walls and such, but they are not contained or constrained by one person. As such, the facades and the merchandise vary. For example The Old George has more of the historical look as does Attica Vintage where Henry’s and Retro definitively have a more modern appearance.

The High Bridge Quarter has a target audience for the tourist though there is a slight market for those which want to attend the shopping centre for the historical value. Where there are efforts to bring back the High Bridge to it “glory days” there is much renovation and work to be done.

Intu Eldon Square

Those seeking to have the modern day experience in a shopping centre that epitomizes the modern day trends and architecture should visit intu Eldon Square. The centre was built in 1977 but has seen renovations and updates since that time with construction conducted as recently as 2007. One of the key features of the shopping centre is the large reflective windows that mark the entrance. Once inside the shops and stores resemble the American Shopping mall and stores that one would see adorning the streets of New York or any number of malls.

There are over 175 stores within the Eldon Square Shopping Centre as well as a food court area and a media centre. The shopping centre does cater more to the fashion and design side of shopping though there are a few bookstores, electronic stores, and specialty shops. Intu Eldon Square is different from the other shopping centres in that the target audience is not the older crowd (such as in intu Manchester), or tourists (which is the primary market for High Bridge), but the younger audience.  As such the stores cater to budgets and current trends rather than to locally made products and services or high scale products.

Whether you are looking for an upscale luxurious shopping experience at intu Manchester, wanting to enjoy a leisurely day of walking and shopping along the historic cobblestones of High Bridge, or seeking a day out with friends at the modern Eldon Square, there are plenty of shopping options available. When traveling to Newcastle be sure to bring money for parking and Food as well as for your shopping. If you are using the railway system enquire about special discounts for rail card holders as well as peak times. Regardless of how you get there, Newcastle is bound to have something worth shopping for.


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