Make Your Trip to Indonesia More Memorable With Shopping and Nightlife


Indonesia is one of the most exciting travel options for people because it houses amazing beaches, water sports and natural beauty. People from different parts of the globe come to this place and enjoy in the company of their loved ones. If you want to have more fun and excitement, you should explore the life of local people and visit the places, which are away from the center of the cities. When you are in areas like Bali, Batam and Jakarta, you will have a lot of opportunities to enjoy the budget and expensive accommodations and foods at the same time. Visiting a few places away from the busy city life will help you get familiar with the lifestyle and culture of people and Indonesia altogether. Plan your trip to Indonesia accordingly and make it more memorable.

Trip to Indonesia

Shop around in Indonesia

If you want to bring back the memories of Indonesia to your home, shopping in the local markets will be the best bet for you. At different places in Indonesia, you can find the stuff and materials which you can take back to your native land and memorize the good times in Indonesia. You can buy batik clothes, ikat fabrics, woodcarvings, silverwork, woven hats and baskets, sculpture and various other materials, which can make a great difference to your shopping in Indonesia.

Raya Shopping

You can also find some good shopping malls at the urban areas of Jakarta. You can also enjoy a wide range of international brands at places like Grand Indonesia shopping town and Plaza Indonesia. At most of the places, you will be able to enjoy the meals and takeaways at middle-class malls. When you are in any part of Indonesia, you will have a lot of options for art and craft materials.

Nightlife in Indonesia

If you want to enjoy the nightlife, Jakarta is the best place for you. This place has nightclubs featuring international bands and singers. You can also enjoy watching movies at night in various cinemas in Jakarta. In Bali, the beach town in Kuta is a best place for nightlife in Indonesia. Moonlight festivals also enhance the nightlife in Indonesia. You can check the even calendar and plan your trip to Indonesia accordingly. This way, you can experience staying awake at night in this part of the world and make your trip more exciting.

Nightlife in Indonesia

Besides that, dance shows are organized in Indonesia at the nighttime in various parts of Indonesia. You can watch them along with your family and make your trip more fun-filled because dancing is an art and offers you a great time with your loved ones.

By staying for a month or two, you will be able to make the most of your Indonesia trip. It is important to check with the reliable travel agency such as voyage They can plan a successful trip on your behalf and help you spend quality time with your family members. Stay connected with internet and read a lot about Indonesia to have fun to the fullest!


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