Few Popular Kids Destination In 2013

Kids Destination

The best moment for family members especially kids is usually at the beginning of every New Year. This is the time that parents find themselves engaged with the vacation planning and ensuring that they book for their children the best destination places to enjoy and celebrate their spring and summer breaks. The best way to ensure that that you book the right place for your kids is therefore by making sure that you rush in order to get the best accommodation that your children will leave to remember. In any case if you are a fun and loving mother or father and you are confused on how to get the best kids destination in 2013. Here are some of the countries, places and towns which are suitable for them.


You should be aware that this past winter Mexico named the place for winter sun destination. It is the most preferred placed for children since it is cheap with prices of summer season expected to pocket friendly. Out of 42 countries which are the cheapest tourist attraction destinations Mexico is ranked 8th cheapest country. There is also existence of many travel options and fares since Virgin Atlantic as of late have increased their flights going to Mexico by 50%. The Yucatan Peninsula and the Mexican Riviera are greatly the best destination for kids with presence of beautiful beaches. It also includes mysterious temples and wildlife spotting which are rich in the country.


Turkey is becoming a major player in the summer holidays especially organized for the kids. This has made its resorts to continue growing on its popularity reaching its peak in 2013. Olu Deniz beach resort which is mainly common among kids was named the best beach in Europe wining an award as a result. Currently Turkey follows Mexico closely in the list since it’s ranked the 10th cheapest destinations for popular holiday vacations. Stopping at Istanbul for the city break is very important since it gives the children fantastic experience that they would love to remember.


Portugal, a favorable and much enjoyable kid’s holiday destination, for several years it still top the list as a result of its professional services. Some of them includes: providing interesting culture its visitors, stunning beaches, delicious cuisine and gorgeous architecture for the lovers traditional or modern buildings. Most importantly it provides good value of money which is very reasonable to many parents. It is ranked the 7th cheapest destination that kids can really enjoy themselves. Besides that, if you head north of the country there are presences of great beautiful historic city of Sintra and Porto. These places are very important when it comes to the learning exposure of the children.

Kids Destination

The Gambia

This is a sandwiched country found in Africa. The country provides beautiful beach resort that kids can greatly enjoy, sun and surf galore. It also offers many cultural and wildlife attractions to tourist to which is unique in nature. When planning to take you children for vacation in this country the procedure is quite friendly ones you have approved that your ESTA is valid.


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