Things That You Should Know Before Travelling To Morocco


Morocco-Famous fascinating multicultural country with rich culture and history.


It is termed as a modern Muslim country of North Africa which has many mesmerizing places like Fes, Tangier, Merzouga, Marrakech and Essaouira.Cheap flights to Morocco are easy to obtain as it is a hot topic in the travel world these days and is also famous for its beaches and some of the best seaside towns. A trip when planned in advance is the most relaxed and successful one, in order to make your trip easy we have scouted out a list of things that you should know before heading to Morocco.

Beware of winter – If you are traveling here in winters, make sure you are carrying extra layers and blankets to save you from the mood swings of weather. In certain areas of Morocco it can be cold and rainy, so be prepared and make your trip a pleasant one.

Manners – Girls, take a shawl or a scarf when you are visiting a mosque, you should be suitably dressed with your head covered. Eating with left hand in not considered good in morocco, it’s a taboo in many African and Muslim Cultures. Before clicking anyone, always ask for their permission and avoid drinking alcohol in public. Take off your shoes when you are invited into someone’s home.

Don’t rely on locals – You will find many tourists guide who will end up making you more confused about the right directions. They will tell you anything just to get some business from you and may even ask for money or a purchase from their store in return. Find help from other tourists or try and discover things on your own, trust us once you get used to it, its more fun.

Shopping – Bargaining is the key to cheap and good shopping in Morocco. Offer half the price told and stick to it, take a note that shops close at noon and re-open around 2 p.m. if you are shopping in Old Town Fez, stick close to your guide so that you don’t get lost in the intricate maze of passageways. Consider carrying a money belt and keep your bags and wallet secure.

Language – Arabic and French are widely spoken here and if you practice a few helpful Arabic phrases, it will become easier for you to communicate. The popular ones that you should know are Hello: salaam wa laykoom, Goodbye: ma’salaama, Please: afak, Thank you: shukran and Where is the bathroom?: Ayna Al Hammam?


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