Durban Travel Guide And Tips


Flying to Durban, make sure you have the appetite to handle outstanding natural beauty, adventure sports and heritage architecture. South Africa’s most popular beach resort, Durban is decorated with beautiful beaches and is known to be the surfing capital of the world.

Considered a melting point of different cultures including European, African and Asian, Durban poses a rich mix of culture and architecture that is simply irresistible. And the greatest thing about Durban is that it offers a lot to do, if riding the waves is not your type, you can hike on a serene mountain, laze off at a beach or simply stroll on the streets for delicious cuisines and mesmerizing architecture.


Since Durban already sits high in the travel market in terms of popularity index, travelers can easily get cheap flight ticket for both business class travel and economy class travel. Not only this, if you book early, you can get access to a whole new world of deals that include cheap fares, accommodation and an entertaining sightseeing itinerary. Already made your mind for a rejuvenating vacation in Durban, here is a simple list of travel tips that’ll add undisputable charm to your vacation.

Surfing lovers head to beachfront:

A very important tip for wave riders, make sure you book your accommodation near the beachfront if you don’t want to waste your time commuting from your hotel to the beach. Also some of the finest hotels, clubs and restaurants are situated in the area, making it a win-win affair for travelers.

Plan your timing:

If you are running low on budget, you would not want to book your deal for the summer season because that is the peak season of travel meaning everything from accommodation, entertainment to food will be costly. Budget travelers should book during the off-peak season to save that extra buck.

Hire a car:

The public transport system of Durban is not what could be termed as tourist friendly with the minibus taxi being the prominent transport medium. If possible book a car from rental agency to avoid confusion and tension in your travel.

Research on the major tourist spots:

If you have booked with an agent, chances are that you might be shown Durban the way they want to show which is fast and economical for them. Research on your own and make sure you include the famous attractions of the city which include Beachfront, Alayam Hindu Temple, Botanical Gardens and Wilson’s Wharf.

So get ready for the amazing Zululand and brace yourself for a dynamic mix of entertainment, culture and nature that will surely make you go crazy. Remember, Durban is all about fun.


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