Top Offbeat Activities on an Ooty Kodaikanal Tour


Tamil Nadu, with its fair share of hill stations and fun places, has always been on the top of any vacationer’s list wanting to explore wild unseen terrains. Ooty and Kodaikanal are two enigmatic places where you can be a part of joyful offbeat activities.

Book from a variety of Ooty-Kodaikanal tour packages (for itinerary or details about this tour you may visit and get ready for an unforgettable adventure drenched time. Do not miss to visit these special offbeat places.

Here’s a checklist of some of the places and experiences in Ooty and Kodaikanal that have a well-deserved mention.

Berjiam Lake

Just around 21 km. from Tamil Nadu’s Kodaikanal district, amidst thickly wooded forest area, is an unusual water spot known as Berijam Lake. It was originally a swamp area, converted into a wonderful lake with very pure and clear water. The entire area is filled with abundant trees such as acacia and pine trees, serving as a beautiful picnic spot that you can enjoy to the fullest with friends or family.

Things to do at Kodaikanal Berijam Lake

You can get lucky and glimpse wild bison or deer around the area. Berijam is the last access point for travellers touring in cars or buses. There are certain forest laws, which you need to follow to visit this rare forested area. You can swim in the lake, go trekking or simply absorb the quiet wildlife with your loved ones.

Guna Caves

Bang on the Pillar Rock road; not many tourists are aware of the scenic beauty of Guna Caves or its whereabouts (8 km. from Kodaikanal bust stand). If you are one of those adventure seekers, wanting an exciting and chilling experience; the mystical Guna caves is all yours. They are a set of caves that is accessible only after a steep climb. It is advisable to go exploring in a group and only during daylight hours. The entrance to the caves is restricted to public and is a highly protected area.

Best activities in Kodaikanal Guna Caves Area

The creepy cave atmosphere provides an excellent background to click innumerable pictures. The gigantic boulders, hushed bat infested environment and dark caves can silently sneak up on you making it doubly exhilarating and electrifying. Enjoy watching the waterfalls nearby, study the great architectural beauty in and around Guna Caves and get some quality exercise on climbing the deep ravines to reach the spot.

Porthimund Lake

Almost an hour’s drive from Ooty; you come to Pothimund Lake, nestled between dense forested terrain. Feels like real heaven with a breathtaking view of the majestic mountains and lush greenery around the unexplored place. You can visit this mesmerising natural lakeside in tour/state buses or private cars. You drive past many scenic beauties such as Sandhya Lake, picturesque meadows and teeming wild life.

Things to do in Ooty Porthimund Lake

Enroute to the lake; you can click lovely photographs of the Porthimund Dam, wild animals, gurgling waterfalls and distant mountains. Most probably, a forest official or two may escort you around through the wooded jungles. Many visitors take pleasure in trekking activity to soak up the scenario.


The Western Ghats have always attracted the enthusiastic tourist groups who want to have a firsthand taste of mother-nature and her rich bounties. These wishes can indeed come true by visiting out of the way less populated places. Other offbeat places during your Ooty-Kodaikanal travel package can include Kotagiri in the Nilgiris, Kodiakanal Windmills, Kukkal Caves and Bryant Park to name a few. Such thrilling excursions can really help you unwind the tolls and stresses of mundane city life.


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