Temperatures Are Soaring! Beat The Summer Heat To Play Your Best Golf


GolfJust because the mercury is rising, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play your best golf in the hotter states like Texas. Though the average summer temperature in the Lone Star State reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit in April, and can even go up to 87 degrees in May, you can adapt yourself to the heat when playing in a golf club of Texas. How to beat the heat this summer without ruining your scores? Here are some smart ways to stay cool on the course:

Dress Appropriately to Stay Cool

Always wear white or any loose, light-colored apparel with breathable fabric. Cotton is one of the best summer-cool materials to opt for that would help you stay comfortable.  You need to remember a few things when dressing for golf on a hot, humid day. Wear shorts if the golf club you are associated with allows it. Do not hit the course without wearing a hat. Wear one with a bill to keep your face and head from the blazing sun. And, do not forget to wear your sunglasses in between rounds to keep your eyes safe.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Staying hydrated doesn’t mean drinking lots of water only during the round. Instead, have plenty of fluids for days. Most golfers start drinking more water once they hit the course. If you know that you need to tee off on a hot day, start taking fluids a few days before the match. It’s true that drinking water is the rule of the thumb when golfing during the summer months, but water alone will not help you on a course. Consider some sports drinks as well to boost your energy. There are electrolytes in such drinks that help you improve your athletic energy.

Pack the Right Things in Your Golf Bag

Pack the right things in your bag and pack on time. It’s no use waiting until the final day when you should be concentrating on how to make the best putts and swings. Keep a soft towel in the bag to wipe off sweat from your hands, face and neck. Carry a sun block or sunscreen lotion with high SPF content so that you can apply it on the exposed parts of your skin when required. Carry several bottles of water to the golf course.

Find Cool Shades

While playing on the fairway, which is devoid of shades, take shelter under the trees between your shots. This is important as staying under a cool shade will reduce the total amount of time you are golfing with the torrid sun overhead. If you need to walk on a golf course, stay close to the boundary of the holes. You’ll most probably find a lot of trees near these holes. If you are in the golf cart, stay under its roof. Let the others call you a lazy golfer, but your body will bless you for your prudence afterwards.

Have a Light Meal

Eat light, but eat well. Include a light meal of fresh veggies and fruits before a round of the game. Starving is not a good idea as you need to focus on your shots and play well. Avoid a heavy meal on a hot day. The last thing you would expect is to feel tired and lethargic because of a heavy diet. A light and healthy meal will boost your energy levels, in case you need to walk long distances on the course, and that too in the heat.

Teeing off in a golf club of Texas is fun if you know how to stay cool and hydrated. Prepare yourself to beat the heat and have lots of fun on the course. Happy golfing!


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