Dubai – A Food Lover’s Paradise


Food is a rather universal experience. There is something fabulous about sitting down to a well prepared meal and enjoying the party that erupts in your mouth. For a food lover, things such as cuisines, menus, ingredients, textures, colors and so many other sensory experiences have to be perfect and they have to come together in a single dish. This is exactly why Dubai is indeed a food lover’s paradise.

The range of eating joints

Dubai is fabulous because it offers you the widest possible range of dining experiences. This includes different kinds of cuisine. Dubai can also be explored because it gives you different kinds of venues:

  • Five star hotels.
  • Luxury restaurants.
  • Boutique cafeterias.
  • Traditional eating joints.
  • Dining establishments that offer you great value for your money as well.

Go in for a unique experience

Dubai gives you an opportunity to enjoy top class food in a very unique manner. This unique manner can be found when you opt for a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Imagine cruising down the magnificent waterfront of the Dubai Marina and eating aboard a traditional Arabic vessel or dhow which is being converted into a top rate floating restaurant.

Dubai cruise terminal

This is exactly what a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is all about. You can also enjoy advantages such as:

  • Holding various kinds of private events aboard a dhow.
  • Getting an expert chef to customize the menus for you.
  • Choosing from global cuisine and traditional Emirati food as well.

The waterfront promenade

One of the most popular areas to enjoy different kinds of dining experiences is the Dubai Marina. You can also choose to walk along places such as the Souk Al Bahar which is simply buzzing with different kinds of experiences. You can enjoy Thai food, seafood, Italian cuisine, Latin American fare and some fabulous desserts as well. The walking around will also give you an appetite so that you can just simply go back to eating some more!

Going traditional

Dubai also offers plenty of experiences as far as traditional food is concerned. It is indeed interesting that you can enjoy exotic dishes such as mathbi which is chicken grilled over stones and choose to eat the same in a Bedouin restaurant. And even though Dubai is known for its deserts, you must also try desserts such as:

  • Umm Ali.
  • Luqaimat or date dibs.

If those names are giving you an appetite for more, then it is interesting to note that you can visit the Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding which has quite a lot of delicacies to offer.

Tasting a bit of the world

And other reason why Dubai is indeed a food lover’s paradise is because it gives you an easy way to taste cuisine from almost every part of the world. Egyptian desserts coexist happily with British food. Dishes dusted with edible gold will get your gourmet taste buds singing while Japanese creations will leave you feeling rather lyrical.

From food aboard a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina to a luxury restaurant and global cuisine – Dubai will leave quite an impression on your epicurean personality.


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