10 Things You Must Know Before Touring Dubai


Dubai, in recent decades, has become a popular tourist spot, with visitors from across the globe touring here throughout the year. But before visit here, it is good to know certain important things that will help you to avoid running into problems and make most of your vacation.

1. Visa Requirement
For the GCC nationals and the citizens of such countries as US, UK, Vatican City, Andorra, Australia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Italy, Japan, and Denmark, visas that are valid for 30 days can be obtained on arrival in Dubai. Since the list of nationalities that can get visa on arrival is subject to change, be sure to enquire about the current policy with your local UAE embassy before you plan to visit Dubai,

2. Language & Currency
Though Arabic is the official language, English is commonly spoken in Dubai. Speaking of currency, Emirati Dirham that is divided into 100 fils is the local currency. The dirham exchange rate is usually as follows:
One US$ – AED 3.67
One UK £ – AED 5.87
One Euro – AED 4.77

3. Dress Etiquette
Being Dubai a part of the Islamic country, modest dressing is recommended for people, especially women, touring here. If you plan to visit here during winter months, then be sure to carry light sweaters. But cotton clothing is most suitable for summer months.

4. Law
Contrary to most other Islamic destinations, Dubai is, by and large, is a tolerant city. Moreover, it is one of the safest places to enjoy your holidays, with very low crime rates reported. Thanks to its tough laws that entail expats and residents to respect its unique culture and rich heritage.

5. Ramadan
Ramadan is one of the most revered months in the Islamic lunar calendar, with Muslims fasting from sunrise to sunset in this month mainly to commemorate the Holy Koran’s revelation. It is therefore strictly prohibited to eat, drink, and smoke in the public areas during daylight hours of Ramadan. Also, taboo during this month is live entertainment, along with dance and loud music.

6. Accommodation Choices
With a whole lot of choices to choose from, you’ll find no difficulty to find anaccommodation in Dubai. All you need to do is to review your budget and requirements. The hotels concentrated around Jumeirah area will be the perfect choice for beach bums. If you’re in a mood to splurge, then some of the ideal choices are Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Shangri-La and Jumeirah Emirates Tower. Alternatively, for budget conscious travelers, there are a plenty of economic options by way of two star hotels, rental apartments, and villas.

7. Driving & Car Rental
Hiring a car will provide tourists with maximum freedom and flexibility to move around in the city. Whether you decide on driving economic models, top-notch vehicles or even off-roaders, your preferred car rental company will have your requirements met in a prompt and professional manner. For availing of rental car services, you’ll have to submit your passport, driving license and two passport photographs, along with the payment.

8. Shopping
Often referred to as the Middle East’s shopping capital, Dubai tempts you with its gamut of shopping options that include more than 60 luxurious shopping malls, individual outlets and most of all, traditional souks, particularly gold souk and spice souk.

9. Liquor
Tourists are not allowed to buy liquor from Dubai’s liquor shops, as its purchase is restricted only to residents with a valid liquor license. However, tourists can get liquor from a nightclub or bars attached to hotels.

10. Best Time to Visit
Dubai features extremely hot and dry summers and mild winters because of its tropical desert climate. Perhaps the best time to visit here (some popular spot) is during winter from December through March.


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