Finding the Right Hotel in Tehran


When away from home, it is important to have a comfortable and relaxing place to stay. Whether you are on a trip with the family, away on a business trip or are making a quick stop in Tehran on your way through to another destination, there are certain features which the hotel of your choosing should fulfil in order for you to make the most out of your trip. The first and most important consideration:

The Location of the Hotel

The location of the hotel is the most important consideration to make, as it will have a huge impact on a number of key items. The location will have an impact on:

  • The price of the hotel (the closer to down town Tehran the hotel is, the more you should expect to pay)
  • Your access to transit
  • Your access to main attractions (having a hotel located close to all of the sites you wish to see or places you need to be can save you from renting a vehicle)

If you are travelling for business purposes, you will likely want to consider hotels in Tehran which are close to the commercial centre or the convention centre where your business meetings or events will be taking place. If you are on a vacation, it will be important to be located close to the beach or other main attractions which you and your party hope to go and see.

hotels in Tehran

The Rooms and the Hotel Amenities

Some travellers will only want the hotel to be a place where they sleep and shower. But others will want their hotel to act as their home away from home. For example, if you are a family and want to all be together, then you will want a room which will include a family suite with a room for the parents and another for the kids. If you want some privacy between family members, then having two or more connecting rooms would be ideal. Other amenities you may want in the room and hotel include:

  • Pull-out sofas
  • Double, queen or king sized beds
  • En-suite bathroom with a shower, a tub, or a Jacuzzi
  • Satellite television
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Coffee and tea making facilities
  • Mini bar
  • An elevator
  • A pool and spa
  • A gym

The Parking Situation

One of the least expected additional expenses which travellers face when staying in a hotel in Tehran or elsewhere is the parking fee. While there are a number of accommodations which extend one or more free parking spaces to guests, there are others which may charge you £15 or more per night for a spot.

Do not forget also to ask about how safe and secure the parking area is. Some hotels may have security personnel who regularly patrol the area and ensure that the vehicles are safe while others may offer little more than having security cameras set up to oversee the lot.

Travellers who do not want to drive into Tehran, rent a vehicle and pay for parking should look for a hotel which offers shuttle services. Many hotels offer shuttles to and from major train stations and to the airport, with some even taking guests for tours around the city.


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