What to Consider When Considering a Campervan


Campervans are vehicles that move themselves and offer sleeping and driving accommodations. These vehicles differ from fifth wheels because they are self-propelled. Fifth wheels are similar style accommodations, but they must be attached to a pickup truck or other vehicle.

The term “recreational vehicle” is somewhat closer to being accurate, but that is still not quite right. Recreational vehicles tend to refer to large vehicles that offer sleeping space, driving space, eating areas, and a restroom. Typically, smaller vehicles do not offer restrooms.

Common Features

Some of these vehicles are equipped with roofs that can be raised and lowered, typically called “pop-up” roofs. Some of them have fixed roofs, though. The benefits of a pop-up roof are that it can be raised to offer more space. This is pretty desirable, especially if someone in your house is reasonably tall. Some fixed-roof models might serve the same purpose though because high-top models are available. These have higher than standard roofs.

Kitchens usually come standard with a Cruisin’ Motor Homes campervan hire and many other models. The refrigerators are often powered by electricity from the main power source, a battery, or natural gas. Each of these options has a benefit and a drawback. The main electricity as a power source is reliable and steady but puts a drain on the available power. A battery does not drain the main power of the vehicle but is less reliable since the battery can run out. Natural gas is steady and reliable, but you have to replenish it.

Usually cooking is accomplished with a microwave. In some models, a gas hob and grill are also available. These features are not going to be as complete as those you would find in a home or in a recreational vehicle, but they will serve your needs for a vacation.

Some of the larger, more comfortable models include features such as a water heater for providing warm water for washing hands and such. They also might include a heater and air conditioner other than the standard features that a car would come with. Portable toilets and small showers are available on certain models.


When taking a campervan on a long trip, there are a few things you need to consider. The first and most immediate monetary concern is obviously how much it will cost to rent the vehicle. Most companies that offer them for hire have several different levels of vehicle so you can always find something to fit your budget. Once you figure out where the vehicle fits in your budget, it’s time to consider a few more things.

You have to take into account how much money you will have to spend on petrol. Many mobile vacation homes burn ten to fifteen litres of petrol per one hundred kilometres. Also, you need to consider whether the vehicle burns petrol or diesel since they will have different prices.

Also, you should consider how much money you will need to spend on food, depending on the kitchen amenities available. Will you need to buy pre-cooked food or can you cook in the vehicle?


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