Top ways in which you can invest in real estate


If you are wondering what would be the best investment options for you, then real estate is one idea that is sure to be on your list in the very first go. Now, speaking of real estate investments, there are still certain considerations that you should keep in mind otherwise you may miss out highly profitable opportunities. Now, how exactly do you plan on going about your idea? What exactly are the alternatives that may be helpful for you? What are the best cities where you can buy property? We have tried to answer most of such questions over here. So, if you are wondering as to how to go about making those investments, here is something to get you started.


  • Direct purchase

Of course, this is the simplest and the foremost investment option that may have struck you. You just need to strike a deal in which you see a considerable amount of potential and there you are, everything will start falling in place after that. Make sure that you do all the ground research and background check on the property that you are going to buy. Also, compare the price trends. This is very important because houses for rent in vijayawada might be differently priced than real estate in a smaller town. See that whatever you are buying should ultimately be able to give you the returns that you expect in the long run.

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

This is a lesser known concept that has been emerging since the past few years. Understanding this can be really helpful in planning out your investment in a better way. Similar to the purchase of a mutual fund or even stocks, the REIT investments can see fluctuations in value but all the shareholders get their due share of the dividend every time there are profits in any way at all.

  • Real Estate Limited Partnerships

RELPs or Real Estate Limited Partnerships are set with real estate developers who act as general partners. This type of investment can see a lot of tax benefit. However, one set back could be that your rights would be limited but you would be liable for the amount that you pay as your original capital investment.

  • Mortgage Investment Corporations

Investing in residential as well as commercial mortgages in a bulk is another way to extract profits out of the real estate sector in India. Be careful though, especially if you have never ventured into something like this before. You don’t want your investments to be trapped in fraudulent practices so choose your options very carefully and be vigilant all the time.

  • Syndicated mortgages

Just like the name suggests, this type of mortgage investment is not something that you need to do alone. It would involve a group of investors together coming forward to make these investments. Do think about getting independent legal advice in case you are planning to opt for this investment option or any other for that matter. Always remember that legal advice is based on better knowledge and experience and that is why you would be benefited from such smart moves.

  • Benefits of investing in real estate

There are more than one benefits of investing in this sector.

  • You get to bee the owner of a property for as long as you want
  • Your investment gives you continues returns for months and even years
  • According to recent reports, the value of real estate is unlikely to drop easily
  • You can even use the property for your personal use if you want
  • You get a lifetime of financial security


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