A Trip to Khasab Is a Magical Experience


To cruise and camp in the Musandam region is an experience you soon will not forget. The Musandam Peninsula is part of Northern Oman, and is situated between the UAE and Oman. Most of the population in this part of Oman is concentrated in either Dibba, which is a port town on the eastern coast, or in Khasab, which is the capital city.

The Landscape of Musandam

This section of land also includes Mudha, which is an enclave that is entirely enclosed by the UAE. The mountains in the area have been home to a number of isolated communities for hundreds of years, and many of the villages along the coast can only be reached by boat. The highest mountain in the area is Jebel Al Harim, which rises to an altitude of almost 2,100 metres. Most of the roads in the area are dirt or gravel, and only one highway from Khasab to the UAE border is designed for regular traffic.

Planning a Holiday: What You Should Know

Tourists have started to frequent the region since the construction of the highway to the UAE border. Khasab travel & tours typically run from the later part of October into April, although people visit throughout the year.

Tourists visiting this remote part of Oman generally book cruises or hotels during the weekend, or from Thursday through Saturday. That is the time UAE residents come into the enclave with their families. During this time, it is best to reserve tours, cruises, and accommodations in advance in order to avoid any complications with stays or transportation. When cruise ships or dhows arrive in Khasab, transport facilities can be stretched to the maximum.

Arabic Is the Number One Language

Arabic is the national language spoken in Khasab and Musandam by the locals. Therefore, professionals working in the tourist trade depend on migrant workers who can speak proficient English. Most of the Omanis in Musandam speak limited English. Therefore, it is a good idea to become acquainted with basic Arabic to get by in any destination just outside of Khasab.

Musandam Khasab tour

Khor ash Sham

One of the places that is often visited on a Musandam cruise holiday is Khor ash Sham, which is a water course that spans about 16 km between two mountains. A string of hamlets dot the beach, each of which is only accessible by boat and are home to around ten families. Children in this area must commute to Khasab to go to school, and water must be shipped in by vessel. Most of the villagers nowadays live in the hamlets around six months of the year and earn their livelihood by fishing.

Dolphins often can be seen in Khor ash Sham. You typically have an 80% chance of catching sight of at least a pod of these playful animals on a full-day dhow cruise trip. That’s because the aquatic mammals are frequently attracted to the sounds of churning water. Therefore, they often dip in and out of the waves alongside a dhow, reaching remarkable speeds as they race to keep up with the vessel.

A Magical Adventure and Trip

This is one of those holidays, given these current days and times that can only be described as magical. If you want to experience a true cultural adventure, place your travel oars into the waters leading to this Arabian locale.


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