Top 5 places to spend New Year’s Eve at!


The year is about to end and everyone is thrilled to celebrate the ending of a good year. If you too are planning to rejoice New Year’s in a different way then go ahead and plan a trip. Instead of partying with your friends, you can go to a new destination and ring in the new upcoming year. If you are already planning destinations in your head, then here are some suggestions…

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands – While everyone else is crowding the beaches of Goa during the year end, you can go to Andaman and Nicobar Islands for a different celebration! The gorgeous beaches here are nothing that you will ever see in Goa. You can also opt for adventures like snorkelling, jet skiing, scuba diving and much more. You can also enjoy delicious seafood while vacationing in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The place is great for solo trips, romantic trips, family trips and also parties!
  2. Ladakh – Enjoy the winter season with snow-capped mountains all around you. If you can bare the cold and love such weather, then you must go to Ladakh to celebrate New Year. This place is a Holy Grail place for those who want to go on a quiet and solo trip. The calmness of this place will make you happy and you will enjoy every bit of your trip. Even if you are not going on bike rides and sitting inside your room, the atmosphere will surely make you joyous. This is one amazing place to celebrate New Year`s at!
  3. Munnar – A beautiful place situated in Kerala! Munnar is not only known for its tea plantations but also for being one of the most captivating places in India. The lush greens around you and the peacefulness will be the best thing you will ever experience. This place is ideal for couples, who want to get away from their hectic life for few days and ring in the new upcoming year together.
  4. Rann of Kutch – If you happen to be in Gujarat during the year end then why miss a chance of spending some time by getting lost in the beauty of this place. You can party at any time and on any day but such chances do not come that often. How amazing will it be to glance at the sky full of fireworks while you are the middle of a mesmerizing place enjoying some time alone or with a loved one.
  5. Explore the beauty of North-East India – Though north east India is not a place where many tourists or travellers would go during the year end but that’s what makes it so perfect. Places like Tawang, Ziro and many others in the north eastern side of India are drop dead gorgeous.

While you are planning your New Year trip, don’t forget to book your train tickets in advance and food on train too.


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