4 of the Most Popular Vacation Destinations


Planning a vacation, whether it is with the family or a significant other, can be difficult. Everyone has a different idea about the perfect vacation destination and the perfect vacation activities. Some prefer lively big cities, packed with activities, while others prefer to relax on a sandy beach, soaking up the sun. Whatever the preference, this list of popular vacation destinations is sure to provide everyone with the perfect vacation.

1. Solomon Islands

Topping the list of hot vacation destinations is the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands, east of New Guinea in Oceania, offer vacationers a hidden paradise untouched by the glitz of touristy attractions and resorts affecting other island locations.  There are plenty of comfortable, affordable, cottages and bungalows available on the Islands. The Travel Channel recommends Fatboys Resort located in the Gizo Western Province. Vacationers can grab some sun and enjoy swimming or scuba diving in the crystal, clear blue waters of the southwest Pacific Ocean, or dive into an exquisite waterfall. After playing in the ocean, they can explore the virtually untouched islands and volcanoes.

2. Dominican Republic       

Competing with the Solomon Islands for great beach destinations, The Dominican Republic has also experienced an up rise in tourism over the last few years. Why? It is a Caribbean paradise as well as an adventurer’s paradise. Before enjoying a beautiful sunset on the pristine beaches of the Samaná Peninsula, adventurer’s can explore Alto del Guayabo Mountain, or have lunch by a peaceful lagoon. National Geographic recommends “walking, sliding, swimming, and jumping” off of The Damajagua Falls—a natural amusement park. Romantics can plan a beach wedding replete with white stallions. Looking for accommodations is easy since The Dominican Republic also has several new, affordable hotels and resorts.

3. The Gulf Coast

For many Americans, the Gulf Coast is a traditional place for get away. Families and couples alike flock to the Gulf Coast to take in the local culture and warm, sandy beaches. Families will love the child friendly atmosphere of Alabama’s beaches. For a great family dinner, Southern Living recommends Lulu’s at Homeport Marina, a restaurant owned by Jimmy Buffet. Couples will have a jazzing good time at one of the Gulf Coast’s most exciting towns, New Orleans. This city, packed with history, good music and fun, is sure to entertain. Strolling down Bourbon Street, vacationers can find delectable, Cajun-Creole snacks and shopping. New Orleans is a destination of non-stop partying and fun. In Florida, try the beaches in Destin or Pensacola. Both destinations have sandy beaches with dunes and plenty of entertainment off the beach. From Texas to Florida Panhandle, the Gulf Coast provides plenty of relaxation and excitement for everyone.

4. New Zealand:

Ever since Peter Jackson chose New Zealand as a location for his Lord of the Rings Trilogy, vacationers have been flocking to its rolling, green countryside for a visit. New Zealand, an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, has everything from National Parks and museums to wildlife watching and fine dining. The more adventurous traveler will love viewing New Zealand’s highest peak, Aoraki Mount Cook, or they can enjoy hiking or bungee jumping in Arthur’s Pass National Park. National Geographic suggests biking as “one of the saner ways to plunge into a landscape that compels exploration.”



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