Make Savings by Hiring your Chef Whites


Running a busy restaurant is hard work and it takes a lot of dedication and time to ensure it runs smoothly every day. You will need to be able to turn out great food through reliable and professional staff and all of this needs to be done in a clean environment. This means that you have to ensure everything from the chef whites to the table linen is cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis and it is often far easier to outsource this work rather than try to do it in-house.

Hiring Chef Uniforms

You can also hire your chef whites rather than buy them and this can be a handy service to take advantage of.

Maybe you want to try out a new style before you decide which chef uniforms to choose or maybe you have a new team of staff in the kitchen and you don’t want to invest in new uniforms until they have established themselves as part of your regular team.

Whatever the reasoning, you can hire your chef whites for as long as you choose to go through a professional company offering a chef white hire service. You can usually choose between different styles and designs, and you may want to increase the amount that you hire during busy periods and decrease it when you are quiet, so ensure you look out for a company that will help you to do this.

Here are some of the different types of chef uniforms that are readily available through a rental company:

  • Chef jacket with short sleeves
  • Chef jacket with long sleeves
  • A choice of black or white uniforms
  • Chef trousers
  • Neck ties
  • Polo shirts
  • Aprons
  • Cloths
  • Caps

You should be able to choose between black and white uniforms and if you run an in-house laundry, then black can be easier to get clean compared to white.

 Chef Whites service

Outsourcing your Laundry

However, many companies that offer a uniform hire service will also provide a laundry service and this can be a great way to save a lot of money within your business. You won’t need to employ staff to clean the uniforms for you and you also won’t have to find the money to pay for all of the following:

  1. Cleaning products
  2. Cleaning equipment such as washing machines
  3. A dedicated space to do the laundry

Staffing costs need to be managed well when you run a business and it can often be cheaper to outsource jobs such as laundry rather than employ your own team of staff. You will need to source a company that you can rely on to deliver your chef uniforms back in a timely manner, because if they run late it will have a knock-on effect to your business.

Getting your laundry done through the same company that you organise your chef uniform hire through is a great way to save you the hassle of having to find and work alongside yet another outside company. It should also mean that the laundry company will be more familiar with the uniforms and will understand which products to use to get them really clean.

The Importance of Clean Chef Uniforms

Keeping a kitchen clean is vital when you run a restaurant and this doesn’t mean just having clean cutlery, workstations and plates. Your staff are representing your company and this means that they will need to look the part every time they come into work. While chefs may work in the back of the house, compared to your waiting staff who handle the customers, they still need to wear professional uniforms that are clean and hygienic.

Good hygiene in a kitchen is vital and here are a few reasons why you should outsource your laundry:

  • To ensure it comes back totally clean
  • To get rid of stains
  • To make sure it is cleaned quickly
  • To ensure holes and rips are detected and not ignored

Chef uniforms need to be clean and this includes everything from trousers to hats and jackets. Chefs are working with food that other people will eat, therefore they will need to ensure they not only look professional with a clean uniform but also that they are hygienic as well.

Also, you never know when a customer may want to speak to the chef and your kitchen staff should also be able to go out into the dining room to mingle with diners after running a special service such as on Mother’s Day or at Christmas. You will need to be confident that your kitchen staff’s uniforms are both clean and in good condition, and giving this responsibility to an outside company is ideal.

Quality Control

You can employ a laundry and rental service that also run quality control checks to ensure that the products they provide are in good condition. They should be able to report back to you with any of the following problems:

  • Stains
  • Holes
  • Rips
  • Tears
  • Fading

A reliable company will not only return your chef uniforms quickly and clean, but they will also be trained to pack it to avoid creasing. If they provide you with rented uniforms, you will need to discuss with them what the policy is in terms of replacing stock that gets stained or damaged. It is vital that all of the uniforms you use are clean, fresh and in good condition even when your chefs don’t come into contact with members of the public.

Saving Money

Investing in kitchen uniforms can be expensive, as can cleaning them. It is often far more cost effective to employ an outside company to provide you with these uniforms through a rental service and let them manage the quality control and the cleaning. You can rent uniforms for all of your kitchen staff from your chefs through to your pot washers, and this will help you to create a professional work space, as uniforms help everyone working to identify the jobs of everyone around them quickly. Save money, time and hassle by renting your chef uniforms and getting them cleaned elsewhere.


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