Explore the Cultural Side of Los Angeles


The city of Los Angeles is like a magnetic to creative souls seeking self-expression and realization. Home to the nation’s entertainment industry, Los Angeles caters to dancers, artists, musicians, writers, actors, directors and individuals drawn to its call.

It is of little wonder then that this city in Southern California is home to Hollywood and is the leading creator of television productions, recorded music, video games and motion pictures.

Reverently termed the ‘Creative Capital of the World’, Los Angeles houses and employs more film makers, performing artists, musicians and script writers than any other place in the world. There is more to this land of starry dreams than movie stars, the glitz and the glamour than is apparent on the surface.

If you are planning to travel through the second largest city in the United States and feel drawn to exploring the cultural intricacies, this guide lists some prominent places of cultural interest.

  • LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

No trip to Los Angeles is going to be complete without a visit to LACMA. The museum of art founded in 1965 exhibits works of art which span time and space and allows one to understand the unique cultural diversity that Los Angeles has.

  • Boston Court Performing Arts Centre

Located at Mentor Avenue, Pasadona, this center for performing arts presents bold, creative and daring works to audiences who appreciate and value the arts as an integral part of the human journey. Diverse programs in a setting which is intimate make for an involving experience for the audience. You can spend an evening immersing yourself in the experience of being moved beyond yourself if there are ongoing shows during the time of your visit.

  • Forest Lawn Museum

Make a trip to Glendale Avenue and find yourself surrounded by exquisite and world class works of sculpture, paintings, stained glass and exhibits by artists such as Winslow Homer and Goya. Admission and entry is free for all.

  • Grammy Museum at L.A. LIVE

The music industry at L.A. is one of the biggest and most affluent in the entire world. Leading the world in the count of recorded music, Los Angeles presents the Grammy Museum at West Olympic Boulevard. The museum celebrates the legacies of the creative process of making music, the technologies behind the process of recording and show cases the history of the biggest recognition of accomplishment in the arena of recorded music.

  • LA Opera

Operating between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm on all weekdays, the LA Opera is one of the best places to visit when you are exploring the cultural side of the city of angels. It is located at North Grand Avenue and invites you to experience the newest force in American Opera. The buzz of artistic inspiration in the city is palpable here.

  • Geffen Contemporary at Moca

Are you an admirer of contemporary art? Does it intrigue you and captivate your soul as it defies the intellect and speaks through to parts of you beyond your immediate comprehension?

The Geffen Contemporary at Moca holds an amazing collection of contemporary art. Find yourself at Central Avenue and engage yourself in an immersive experience.

These are only a few of the places which will allow you to feel the depth and richness of Los Angeles culture. There are over 800 museums in the city alone along numerous theatres, art galleries and collections, monuments to architecture and more. Everything in the city breathes culture, class and creativity, including Los Angeles hotels, walks and gardens.


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