Annual Caravan Service for a Great Holiday Trip


Your caravan can be your best companion when it comes to opting for a getaway or just to relax in your own world in the quietest corner of the earth. Regular maintenance and services is mandatory for your caravans because it ensures the longevity and trustworthiness of your caravan. At the early stage problems can be found and solved easily but, if you ignore the basic problem of your caravan now, then you will face more troubles in future and it will cost your more amount as maintenance and repairing cost. It is better to avail the caravan servicing on a regular basis, and it will carry out the manufacturer’s warranty too.

Caravan Service

Certified Engineer Services: Basic Safety Checking of Your Caravan

The field of caravan service is quite different from that of the automobile servicing centers. The need of specialization in this field is a must so that the engineers are able keep your caravan at its optimal best.

  • A regular servicing of your caravan will pay off in the long runs as it will help in staving off the unnecessary problems that can mar your vacation or a trip.
  • The safety checks on the vehicular running components such as the brakes, the wheels and the gear will ensure the safety of your vehicle when moving.
  • Most of these checks are done annually by the certified engineers who have special training in the area of the mobile caravans. Also experience in the field of handling the motor parts of the different manufacturers.
  • Apart from that these service engineers can assure you the best services of your caravan and they maintain the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. So you will be able to obtain your insurance facility in future.

The Onsite Servicing

There are individually operating caravan service engineers who will drive all the way to reach the destination of your caravan that will save you the inconvenience of driving your vehicle to a service station. Even the authorized service centers have the facility of sending the service engineers to your parking site to save you from the inconveniences. Since the caravan is more than a car it will naturally need more time for servicing than the conventional cars. This is why most centers offer home or onsite service for the mobile caravans.

The Full Annual Service Advantage

Some of the servicing centers have the facility to issue a servicing handbook upon the completion of the servicing so that you are well informed about all that has been covered in the serving.

  • These servicing will ensure that you have the proper warranty on the parts that have been serviced and be able to avoid the sudden and unforeseen problem with your mobile home.
  • You can call for the annual full part servicing that will include both the appliances as well as the motor parts.
  • Such checks will ensure that the windows, sealing, fuses and the washers are in proper condition or make the necessary replacements.
  • The habitation service check will include the appliance checks like the fridge, cooker, heater, toilet and shower.
  • You can opt for the pre-season check service or the end of the season winterization service annually. In either case the servicing will ensure that your caravan remains in good condition all through the year.

When you call for the annually services the engineers usually take as long as four to five hours to have the totally servicing done. It is better that you get an estimate of the work before you begin the servicing as payment is made on work completion.

In this regards you may consult with an authorized caravan service center and they will assure you the best possible inputs which make your caravan healthy and safety. Click here if you want to know more about the caravan service center for making your holiday trip enjoyable with the safety.


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