Why Do Some Drivers Use Car Rental Services?


Many men and women put a lot of time and money into their work, their family, their health and their cars year after year. But sometimes they have to leave their work and their car behind for a little rest and relaxation. This happens at least once a year for most lucky people. Or, they don’t purposefully leave their vehicle behind, the vehicle can sometimes abandon them. That’s because there are many planned and sudden reasons that a driver may require the use of car rental services.

The number one reason why many men and women look to car rental is two-fold. They want to get away on a vacation but enjoy the convenience of being able to drive themselves around as they explore a new city. Or they have a business trip planned for a conference or deal of some kind and need to be able to get to and from their meetings in a timely manner. The other main reason men and women spend time and money on temporary, personal transportation is because their own car is not available to them. So when their vehicle has been placed into a repair garage for half a day or several days for maintenance, they are offered car service or they seek it on their own. But use of these vehicles requires similar driving responsibility as when operating one’s own vehicle.

Whether you are buying, leasing, or renting a vehicle, a driver takes on all of the driving responsibility when they sign the document stating that they would like to take it into their possession for a day, a week, a year or until they regain use of their personal vehicle. Those responsibilities include caring for its operations in an equitable manner, inserting the proper gasoline according to manufacturer specifications, and attempting, to the best of their ability, to refrain from causing or allowing physical (body, mechanical, or electronic) damage to said vehicle. And, as many drivers know, some accidents cannot be avoided whether it is at their own hands, the hands of a fellow driver, in their personal vehicle or a car rental, therefore, insurance is required.

There are at least three different major options when it comes to driving safely with car rental vehicles. First, the driver can use his or her own insurance by extending one’s liability coverage for that time period. This will prevent worry and allow monetary coverage for a variety of big and small accidents that may occur while in a new city. Second, there will always be an insurance offering through the car rental company. They offer personal property and damage waivers that offer a variety of limited coverage for nominal fees. Third, there is the option of credit card companies that offer coverage and car clubs as well. Even though it’s not the driver’s personal vehicle, no one should take the risk of driving without insurance ever, even during a two day business trip tor two day vacation period.


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