Camping Redefined- How to Plan A Romantic Camping Trip


When most people think about camping, they think about hot dogs, bugs, and tents.  Going camping might appeal to those who want to get outdoors to unwind.  Others might see camping as a good trip to bring kids on.  However, you can turn your next camping trip into an exciting, romantic adventure.  Think outside the box.  Many things that go with camping make the perfect romantic setting.  You can wake up to scenic views, sleep in a secluded area, count the stars, and spend quality time together.  To get the most out of a luxury camping trip, you need more than basic camping supplies.  To make things more special, you need to bring a little extra.  Small details can turn a regular camping trip into a romantic getaway.

battery operated tea lights

Must have supplies for romantic camping

Having the right supplies for a romantic camping trip can be challenging.  Given that you will have to carry your stuff with you, you need to choose luxury items wisely.  You also need to account for potentially breakable items.  For example, bringing battery operated tea lights can be a great substitute for wax candles.  They are lighter and less apt to snap in half.  Plus, they are reusable.  Other luxury items can be brought instead of typical camping items.  Instead of brining apples, bring a more luxurious snack such as cherries.  Also think of creative ways to make campfires and tents more fun.  For instance, a few drops of lavender oil can make your tent smell amazing.  Set the mood for romance by adjusting a few small things and adding a few others.  Flashlights might not say romance, but setting up battery operated tealights and basic aromatherapy can.

How to find the right location

The best place for a romantic camping trip is usually not very different from the best camping spots in general.  It is typically preferable to camp near a secluded lake rather than sleep on a parking lot next to a bunch of other people.  Seeing the stars at 11,000 feet can be an amazing experience.  Romantic camping trips are not meant to be comparable to staying at a five-star hotel.  Comparing the two experiences is like comparing apples to oranges.  Getting away from everything and spending time together is a key component of any romantic camping trip.

The concept of romantic camping trips

Couples often separate during vacations spent at resorts.  Instead of one person going to the spa and the other going to play golf, two people can spend more quality time than time spent over dinner.  When other distractions such as cable television and cell phone reception are not available, it is easier to focus on your camping companion rather than what you have to do the following week.

To successfully plan a romantic camping trip, you have to change your frame of reference.  At times, you need to bring a few extra small items to have the new idea click:  this camping trip is not about roasting hot dogs.  The romantic camping trip is more like a DIY outdoor honeymoon suite.  Get creative.  Change the way you think about camping, romance, and vacations in general.


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